Dor24k Non Surgical Lifting Syringe Reviews

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I purchased the non-surgical lifting syringe in Miami in the summer 2016.I was told to only use the product once a week and at night......which after 6 months to a year would eliminate the need for me to have under eye surgery. The product makes an initial difference when applied but this affect disappears as soon as I wash it off the day after. 2 months later there is absolutely NO improvement and I doubt there will be any after 6 months...
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Very disappointed I purchased this product.There is no guarantee and no money back option so that alone should tell you it is a scam. Very difficult to use with makeup. Looks good if you spend 15-20 minutes very carefully applying but no makeup can be applied. I have tried it many ways and none of them work. I applied it after washing my face in the morning as instructed (exactly) and when I would apply my face powder it would immediately show...
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